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MEDIA UPDATE: Watching Listening Reading

Aymar Jean Christian April 16, 2008 uncategorized Comments Off on MEDIA UPDATE: Watching Listening Reading

Every once in awhile, I’ll write a post updating you on what I’m consuming. Here goes!

: I move glacially slow on music, so this might change not much.

—–LISTENING: Mikel Rouse (Como Eu Estive Cegu, How I Stayed Blind); Rachael Yamagata (Be Be Your Love), Kevin Bewersdorf (My Heart Still Beats).

—–ANTICIPATING: Nico Muhly (MotherTongue)!


—–WATCHING: Medicine for Melancholy (pray it gets a distributor and a DVD), Baghead (realist-horror-comedy, okay), Help Me Eros (great imagery, good narrative), How Do I Look

—–ANTICIPATING: The Tracey Fragments; Synecdoche, New York; Vicky Christina Barcelona; Sex and the City


—–EVERYTHING: New media, performance, queer theory, film theory.

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