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Aymar Jean Christian November 30, 2008 uncategorized 1 Comment on ‘MILK’!

It is a really good movie. Everyone should see it.

*YES It is very much pro-gay and in that way conventional.
*NO That doesn’t make it dull.
*NO That doesn’t mean the gay movement goes unquestioned (I’m certain Milk’s “come out” politics, which was so radical and appropriate for the time, goes down a little rough today)
*YES It beatifies Harvey Milk.
*NO This doesn’t mean he’s one-dimensional (a ruthless politician with a thing for men less powerful than he, for starters).
*YES It is a mostly white movie (with some Latino thrown in).
*NO That doesn’t mean it goes without critique (a notable telephone scene demonstrates the lack of diversity within the movement).
*YES They should have released it before Nov. 4th.
*NO It wouldn’t have made the difference.
*YES I felt politically motivated after seeing it (the film has enough demonstrations of anti-gay hate to move even the most passive observer).
*YES It’s gorgeously shot.
*YES It will get tons of Oscar nominations.

AND…I’m making a prediction!

*YES It will win Best Picture. Well, I really don’t follow these things, and Lord know my predictions are wrong half the time, but none of the other films gunning for the Oscar are as epic (it seems mediocre reviews have killed Australia, and that’s a shame) or historical urgency (Frost/Nixon, even if brilliant, I think will bristle in a post-Bush era). Che and Doubt don’t have as broad an appeal: if I’m reading BoxOfficeMojo right, Milk is on track to earn over $1 million this weekend on 36 screens. That’s a solid open. Gus Van Sant feels deserving after directing so many important and challenging movies. Last, but not least, the Academy should feel ashamed for passing up Brokeback Mountain three years ago, especially now in light of Heath Ledger’s death and Michelle Williams budding career. Milk is, as AfterElton said, the most outwardly gay major motion picture in US History. It will win even if it doesn’t obviously deserve to. But I think it’s plenty deserving.

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  1. Rick Boyer November 30, 2008 at 7:31 am

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.