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Article coming: YouTube and Vlogging

Aymar Jean Christian May 2, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on Article coming: YouTube and Vlogging

UPDATE: Published article is out.

I shouldn’t really be blogging right now because I have a lot of work to do!

Just to wanted to direct you all to, where, sometime this weekend or at least by Monday, an article I wrote on YouTube’s black vloggers will appear!

The quotes from the performers are the product of interviews I conducted for a paper on “black existentialism” on YouTube. Incidentally, I’m currently at a wonderful conference at Texas A&M University presenting that paper alongside the likes of Lisa Nakamura, the grand dame of new media and race studies herself!

So check it out, I’ll post more on it later, but I want people to go to first because it’s a better site than my crappy blog.

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