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Money Money Money: Slumdog Millionaire Still in Theaters

Aymar Jean Christian May 14, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on Money Money Money: Slumdog Millionaire Still in Theaters

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UPDATE: Two weeks after this post, Slumdog closed in theaters; it made about $10 million more in those two weeks (if you believe, BoxOfficeMojo). Now if only those kids can get paid!

Just browsing BoxOfficeMojo, found out Slumdog is still in theatres (where?) and got an update on all the piles and piles of money it’s banking. Few recent films rival this kind of profitability. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Blair Witch Project, and Juno come to mind; not even indie hits like Little Miss Sunshine and Brokeback Mountain come close. This is incredible. Who would have known? Seriously. Who? It’s a great movie, but…damn.

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