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ABC’s OOPS! Ugly Betty “Series” Finale?


UPDATE 4/14/10: Ugly Betty‘s real finale was tonight. Here is my post with thoughts on its conclusion.

UPDATE 1/30/10: Ugly Betty‘s fourth season will be its last, having been canceled and will be airing its series finale this spring. Meanwhile, it appears the cast is in demand, so we’ll be seeing them all again! Check out, for one, America Ferrara’s new wedding-themed movie! Click here for my post about what we can learn from Ugly Betty‘s cancellation.

UPDATE 9/12/09: TVbytheNumbers says ABC is airing just enough episodes of Ugly Betty on Fridays this fall to meet syndication (rerun) requirements/standards. So I’m not even sure we’ll get a full fourth season, just enough so we can see the first three on Lifetime.

ORIGINAL: So I just got finished with the Ugly Betty finale — I’ve been at the International Communication Association conference and so am a little behind on my TV — and noticed the “error” above.

ABC, in a kind of Freudian slip, inadvertently labeled last Thursday’s episode the show’s “series finale” as opposed to its “season finale.” Ugly Betty is supposed to be returning next fall, albeit to the dungeon time-slot of Fridays at 9PM.

At best, this little slip up — it should be noted elsewhere on the site the episode is correctly labeled “season finale” — indicates how close my beloved show came to cancellation. At worst, it’s further evidence that when Betty returns next fall it will be lying face first with its head on the chopping block, waiting to get cut.

That being said, the show really upped its game with this last latest show. (SPOILER ALERT) Betty finally got her promotion, but her now ex-boyfriend is her boss. Wilhelmina is back out of power and so will return to deviousness; Mark may or may not leave Mode and Daniel is single again. All the while the show pulled off some fun, if not terribly original, gags, including throwing Rachel Dratch (Mode‘s apparent features editor) off a building (anyone remember season 6, episode 18 of Sex and the City?).

I don’t want Betty to get canceled, though I desperately want her to get a makeover, especially now with her new job. Still, I’m going to start emotionally preparing myself for that reality.

Like Freud said, there are no accidents.

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  2. Aymar Jean Christian May 28, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I plan to continue to keep tabs on Ugly Betty since I love the show and hope it survives! As far as TV goes, there are a lot of bloggers with more time than I have to follow every show, so I’ll just be posting on various shows here and there as they come to me!

  3. Anonymous April 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I loved the ending.It was perfect.My fav part Willy´s new promotion.Love her.She deserved to be happy.