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Rising Indie Director Shows Us A Rare Romance

Aymar Jean Christian September 15, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on Rising Indie Director Shows Us A Rare Romance

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Let’s just say this: if Bloomingdale’s offered me money to make a short film, I’d say, “sign me up!”


Rising indie filmmaker Barry Jenkins, whose first feature Medicine for Melancholy (my thoughts on it here, and here) made a small critical splash last year in the indie film community, not to mention a nice bit of cash, given its teeny budget, has followed it up with a quirky and smart short film for Bloomingdale’s, as part of a competition among up-and-coming directors for a chance to make it to the Independent Spirit Awards, Shadow and Act informed me. This only builds anticipation for Jenkins’ next feature, whenever that may be.

Obligatory product placement (for Bloomingdale’s) aside, I can’t remember the last time I saw a romance between a Chinese-American man and a black American woman, and such a stylish one at that. But certainly, this being 2009 and all, it’s about time! Not to mention the film looks stunning. Head over to the site and vote for the one you like the most! To purchase Jenkins’ equally beautiful first feature, click here.

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