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“The Crew” Season Two Opens and Hilarity Ensues

Aymar Jean Christian October 27, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on “The Crew” Season Two Opens and Hilarity Ensues

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The web has been fertile ground for shows more quirky and less genre-specific than what makes it onto television. The Crew, written and directed by young filmmaker Brett Register, is a perfect example of that kind of show.

Best understood as a blend between The Office and Star Trek, The Crew is a comedic romp about the lives of several crew members on a spaceship traveling through space. The idea for the show came from Register, a Star Trek fan, who wondered as a child why viewers never got to see the people who kept the ship running.

“As a kid, you want to be on the ship,” Register said. The ship on Star Trek is supposed to self-sufficient, like a city, but you never see all of its residents. “I thought ‘is it really a city?”…

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