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List of Black Web Shows Up

Aymar Jean Christian November 13, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on List of Black Web Shows Up


The Black Web Series Page

Due to the tremendous response to my last post on black web series, I’ve created a page with a more visually appealing list of shows I hope to update regularly. I’ll start writing descriptions and short reviews of the shows on the page as well, so check back for more information.

If you’re a creator or producer of a show, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list. Also, if you’re show is listed but there is an error, please contact me as well (ajean at asc dot upenn dot edu). Eventually, if certain series are not updated and have only one to four episodes I will have to take them off.

Also, please check my general web series page, which I’ll update with all the information I get about the space.

Thank you, click and explore!

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