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Until the New Year!

Aymar Jean Christian December 22, 2009 uncategorized Comments Off on Until the New Year!

For regular readers, a note: I’m taking a (short) break!

I’ve had a hectic few months, unbearably busy. I’ve co-produced and co-edited a short documentary; written nearly 70 blog posts; managed a film program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and planned two more for 2010; given two invited lectures; presented at three conferences; wrote a book chapter, two academic articles, a book review and 14 articles for other blogs and mainstream publications; took four courses; conducted about 40 interviews with workers in the web series/film/TV industries; ran the publicity for an on-campus student group; and I tweeted a whole bunch. I say this mainly to let my friends know where I’ve been this whole time. There are a lot of people busier than I (for one, any assistant professor in America), but for me, this was a lot to take on.

Not that it hasn’t paid-off! I’ve nabbed some interviews and media coverage (New York Times, NPR, Jezebel) and made some great contacts for research and otherwise; that’s all been fun. But blogging is hard, especially if you want to do it regularly. I can see how people burn out.

Regardless: I have a great series of posts planned on digital celebrity (the short documentary I mentioned; also a follow-up on Fame), digital distribution, some research updates, more posts about black web series, TV and film (even some breaking news!), and some great ones about the online video market. So stay tuned!

See you in 2010!

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