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Lost About “Lost,” YouTube Tries to Help

Fine Brothers - Lost Video
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I don’t follow Lost. I don’t mean I can’t follow it, as in I watch it but don’t understand. I mean I’ve completely given up trying to watch the show. Around season three I tried once again to get into it. No go. Too complex. Too many peculiar things happening. What is up with this show?!

Let’s say you’re better than I and you’ve managed to keep up. Maybe you played the Lost ARG years ago (the Lost Experience) and stopped watching for a bit. Or perhaps you’ve watched passively and largely forgotten about the plot over the show’s hiatus.

Good news! The Magical Internet has given you plenty of chances to refresh your memories before the final season premiere Tuesday! Lost fans and viral video impressarios The Fine Brothers (homepage) have created a playful summary of all the mysteries to be solved in the final season of J.J. Abrams’ masterpiece. (video link)

“It really was a labor of love to compile and complete,” Benny Fine told me in an email. Fans should also expect new episodes of the Brothers’ action figure series next month (which has amassed over 10 million views to date) and with appearances from AvatarBattlestar Galactica and the Watchmen — don’t ask me how.

What if you’re completely new to the show and want to know what all the fuss is about? Personally I suggest you give up like I did and watch something a little simpler, like a David Lynch film.

But you’re a masochist, check out this humorous video (below, in the style of Slate’s video recaps) attempting to recap the whole series in eight minutes. Nice try. Still lost.

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