Thursday 18th January 2018,

Vuvuzelas for BP!: From Kickstarter to Babelgum, Cheezburger In Weeks

Kickstarter once again proves itself to be a nimble little site! It is, apparently, Kickstarter week at my blog.

Adam Quirk recently started a Kickstarter project “to buy 100 vuvuzelas and hire 100 vuvuzela players off Craigslist to play in front of BP’s International Headquarters in London for a one-day flash mob.” That project ended one week ago, July 7, having brought in nearly $7,000, well above the $2,000 he’d proposed, some of it with the help of Babelgum ($2,000) and Cheezburger ($1,000, half of which through Kickstarter).

Babelgum sent a film crew to document the stunt on Tuesday, intended as a corrective on BP’s PR machine (though with BPGlobalPR overshadowing the giant’s own operations, and talks of a buyout, I don’t think the British petro company is at its strongest). Babelgum is also hosting the video, released this week. Cheezburger will also distribute the vid.

It’s great when everybody wins — except, of course, BP. Adam Quirk raises awareness and funds for the oil disaster, which is, remarkably, still not 100% resolved. Babelgum gets some hot content — timed as close to the end of the vuvuzela-filled World Cup as possible — and more branding consistent with its content on environmental awareness. For Cheezburger, well, it’s funny. Everybody does some good and we all get to laugh!

In case you’re wondering, does it take $7,000 to get vuvuzelas outside of BP? Nope. Quirk donated a large sum to a project to end offshore drilling.


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