Friday 15th December 2017,

Sandeep Parikh, Web Entrepreneur, Shifts from Web to TV

Full post and interview at Tubefilter!

There aren’t too many other people who embody the spirit of web entertainment as well as Sandeep Parikh. Parikh is all over the web: as an actor on marquee web series The Guild, writer-director of Atom’s Legend of Neil and creator of his own website, EffinFunny. Already a celebrity to hundreds of thousands of fans, Parikh’s popularity keeps growing each year.

Now, with Neil’s final season premiering yesterday on Atom, Parikh is set for the next big stage of his career: writing for television. Comedy Central, Atom’s partner and fellow Viacom subsidiary, announced Parikh has signed a blind script deal with the network.

“I’m very excited to be able to throw my hat in the television ring,” Parikh said. “Do not doubt that I will continue to create for the web even as I write this script for television.”

But first, Neil. Parikh promises a big finish for the trilogy: with longer episodes, more special effects and all the fan favorites on hand. “We wanted to build to a ridiculously epic finale and we did that,” he said.

As he plans to dip his feet into a new world, what does Parikh think of the state of web entertainment?

“The television and web worlds are colliding and it’s kind of chaotic which is great for someone like me.  Amongst the rubble, new models will arise, and myself and my peers will be the ones to create those models for programming,” he said. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Full post and interview at Tubefilter!

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