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Web Video/Series Festivals and Conferences

UPDATE: This list is now kept updated HERE.

So I found myself looking for a comprehensive list of festivals and conferences that discuss and screen — or are open to screening or discussing — web video and web series. Indie Intertube has a great list here with some of the links below (plus a whole lot of other useful stuff). I’ll be traveling around next year and the year after, so I wanted to create a guide for myself; why not share?

Below, the list. Please email me if there’s any I missed or if you notice any inaccuracies below, and I’ll update as needed. I know some creators have screened at some interesting, off-the-beaten-path places, so let me know!

WHAT: LA WebFest
WHEN (or last date): March
DEADLINES (submission): December-February.
WHERE (or last held): Los Angeles
ABOUT: Screenings of web series on the big screen, plus panels and workshops.

WHAT: NYTVF (New York Television Festival)
WHEN: September
DEADLINES: Pilots: February-June; Scripts: June. Bing: December. Competitions vary each year, check website.
WHERE: New York
ABOUT: Web series heavy festival for professional, often independent, material. Brings in people from the industry, sometimes leading to deals for content creators.

WHAT: ITVFest (International Television Festival)
WHEN: July/August
WHERE: Los Angeles
ABOUT : Similar to NYTVF, focus is on independent web series and connecting creators to television and the industry.

WHAT: New Media Film Festival
WHEN: November and May/June.
DEADLINES: October (San Francisco); November-March (LA, competitions vary)
San Francisco (November) and Los Angeles (May/June)


WHAT: HollyWeb Web Series Festival
WHEN: March/April.
DEADLINES: October-February
Los Angeles
ABOUT: Festival dedicated to screening independent web series.

WHAT: Internet Week
WHEN: June
WHERE: New York
ABOUT: Big conference/festival focusing on New York’s web industry in all its forms. There are speeches, parties, workshops and how-to sessions which may be of interest to web series/video creators.

WHAT: Celebrate the Web
WHEN: April, July
WHERE: Los Angeles
ABOUT: Kim Evey and Jenni Powell’s festival, organized earlier this year, brings together the web series community.

WHAT: Out of the Box
WHEN: June
WHERE: New York
ABOUT: Web series festival screening gay and lesbian shows.

WHAT: FirstGlance Film Festival
WHEN: April (LA), October (Philadelphia)
DEADLINES: Summer (LA); March-June (Philadelphia)
WHERE: Los Angeles, Philadelphia
ABOUT: Bi-coastal film festival screening and awarding projects of various lengths and formats, including web series pilots (sponsored by Koldcast in 2011).

WHAT: Digital Hollywood
WHEN: November (NY), May (LA)
WHERE: New York and Los Angeles
ABOUT: Industry conference encompassing television, film and other media industries with panels often involving web video.

WHAT: Vidcon
WHEN: July
WHERE : Los Angeles
ABOUT: Conference with lots of YouTube heavyweights and web video companies talking about the medium.

WHEN: March
June/July (Panels)
WHERE: Austin
ABOUT: Megafestival featuring music, film and panels on media. While I’m not aware of any web series showing in the film portion, a number of marketers, content creators and thought leaders present in panel sessions.

WHAT: Consumer Electronics Association
WHEN: January
: Las Vegas
ABOUT: Techy conference mostly known for gadgets and bringing in Silicon heavyweights. In 2012, the conference hosted the first IAWTV Awards. The conference has been working with content, last year adding the program, “‘Creativity, Content and Cash,’ the all-new conference program that successfully launched at the 2010 CES, offered up practical ideas and serious strategies to consider when it comes to producing, promoting and profiting from media content.”

WHAT: Cinema Tous Ecrans (All Screens Film Festival)
WHEN: November
WHEREGeneva, Switzerland
ABOUT : Independent film and TV festival in Switzerland with awards in new media/web series.

WHAT: Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival (QBC Fest)
: October
: July
: New York
Focuses on independent films by and about queer, LGBT people of color and has screened web series in the past.


WHAT: LATVFest/NAPTE NextTV Competition
WHEN: July
DEADLINES: NextTV: March-June.
WHERE: Los Angeles
ABOUT: Panels, screening and awards with “creative TV and digital content producers with development executives, agents, advertising and brand executives, software solutions and technology and equipment providers.” Part independent, part corporation entrees, sponsored by NATPE.

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