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CBS Aims to Please GLAAD on ‘The Good Wife’

Aymar Jean Christian October 13, 2010 uncategorized Comments Off on CBS Aims to Please GLAAD on ‘The Good Wife’

So a few months ago GLAAD called out CBS for not having any Kevins, Scottys or Kurts on its schedule. And cancelling that gay Super Bowl ad for the gay dating site didn’t help either. CBS responded by adding three gay characters to its shows this season.

Last night viewers met one of those characters on The Good Wife. We were introduced to main character Alicia Florrick’s long lost brother, math professor Owen Cavanaugh, played by Dallas Roberts, who some of us know as Jonathan from A Home at the End of the World, the “manny” on The L Word and fewer of us know as Miles on Rubicon.

If you’re under 57 and don’t watch The Good Wife, you should. Even without the gay bro, it’s an entertaining legal procedural!

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