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Apollo Theater Goes Web 2.0

Aymar Jean Christian October 21, 2010 uncategorized Comments Off on Apollo Theater Goes Web 2.0

What is Amateur Night without the iconic boos and hisses from the live audience? How about the “likes” and “dislikes” of the web?

In a bid to go Web 2.0, the Apollo Theater and Coca Cola are hosting online auditions for Amateur Night for one week starting this Saturday, part of a larger effort to open up the competition outside its storied spot on 125th Street in Harlem. Having brought auditions to Brooklyn earlier this month, the competition will be heading to Atlanta, after which singers around the country will be able to upload their auditions to the non-profit’s website — for the link, see this page.

“This audition cycle is our first major effort to reach a national talent pool. There is talent in New York and in Atlanta and, through the online universe, the rest of the country as well. We want to see them all and put the best of them on our stage,” executive producer and judge Marion J. Caffey said in a release. “The Apollo is truly the world’s stage and, as such, we want to make sure we are getting the best possible talent to compete.”

Those who compete both live and online will win a spot in next year’s Amateur Night line-up, with the opportunity to compete for $10,000. Online auditions will last one week, ending Saturday, October 23rd..

All genres of talent – from singing to comedy and spoken word – are welcome, so long as it’s family friendly and original. Guidelines are below.

An online Amateur Night is a natural extension for the world-famous competition. Besides comedic videos, singing and dancing are among the most popular videos on YouTube, drawing young viewers and potentially millions of engaged fans. If the popularity of Justin Bieber, Charice and Soulja Boy provide any clues, online video and popular talent can be powerful marketing tools.

Online Audition Guidelines

-Each contestant is asked to prepare a video no longer than 3.5 minutes long.

-No lip synching, singing along with track vocals or post-production engineering of vocals permitted.

-Video submissions may draw from all entertainment genres typically cast in the live auditions – music, dance, comedy, spoken word, and other variety performances.

-NO Profanity: comedians and spoken word artists – in-person and online – must prepare material appropriate for a family show.

-All online contestants must be over the age of 16.

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