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ABC Troubles the Gay Marriage — It’s About Time

Aymar Jean Christian November 8, 2010 uncategorized Comments Off on ABC Troubles the Gay Marriage — It’s About Time

Scotty’s a Cheater? Thanks, ABC! No, Seriously!

Gay fans of Brothers & Sisters are probably breathing a sigh of relief after the last two episodes of the ABC drama. Why? It’s not necessarily because beloved characters Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)and Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) are probably going to avoid an adultery-spurred break-up.

It’s because the rift has finally giving Scotty something to do, and thereby made the characters much more complex and interesting. (Actually, the same could be said of their relationship.)

As Scotty said in last night’s episode, “I’m just as lost and damaged and screwed up as the rest of you. I’m not perfect Kevin, I’m not perfect!”

He might as well have been speaking for fans who’ve been dying for the duo to get past the network television trope of the perfect gay couple.

There have been enough gay characters on television now for there to be a serious competition over which ones are more nuanced and interesting than others. But while dozens of gay characters have flooded television since the 1990s, gay couples are rarer, gay married couples are rarer still, and gay married couples with serious problems, a weekly staple for straights that keep fans watching to see what happens next, are almost nonexistent.

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