Thursday 18th January 2018,

Web Video Weekly: Hulu/YouTube Good News, Google TV Bad News, NewTeeVee Live, Plus TV is Partisan

There’s so much to read each week I find I, even with the help of various blogs and websites, can’t keep up. Every Thursday I publish a weekly digest of interesting headlines and topics. A lot going on this week (11/4- 11/11):

Web Video Market:

Google TV Has a Bad Week: Fox bars its content from streaming free on the service, joining the other networks (NewTeeVee); ReadWriteWeb says the service’s lack of actual TV content for non-cable subscribers is like “a cow selling its milk (ReadWriteWeb); some good news: Crackle has optimized its website for Google TV (Web Series Network).

YouTube ‘Topics’ the Company’s Latest Bid to Improve Discovery (ReadWriteWeb): Also, users now upload 35 hours of content a minute.

Hulu Revenue Doubles (paidContent): Not surprising, really, about in-line with forecasts. See my previous post on Hulu’s success. Also related: Is Hulu the new OPEC (via Techcrunch)?

Tudou Coming to the US (paidContent): For cash.

Roku Sells 1 Million Boxes (Multichannel News): Last week, the Times profiled the service’s willingness to open up its technology.

NewTeeVee Live Produces Tons of Headlines: Some highlights below.

Half of Netflix Streams are TV Series (NewTeeVee)

Blip TV: Turning Fans Into Dollars (NewTeeVee)

Behind the Livestream Boom (NewTeeVee)

Glee and Social Innovation (NewTeeVee)

Twitter + TV Creates Social Viewing (NewTeeVee)

Vevo Says Cable’s Not the Future (NewTeeVee)

TV Is Now Two-Way (NewTeeVee)

The App is the Future of TV (NewTeeVee)

What Normal People Want from TV (NewTeeVee)

Web Series:

IAWTV and Streamys Part Ways (NewTeeVee): The big news in the web series world. Felicia Day lends her thoughts; as does Zadi and WorldofHiget. Numerous reasons have been given by the IAWTV leadership, though much of the community blames the last award show in April.

CBS Picks Up a Web Series for a Pilot (Deadline): Web-to-TV deals are officially standard practice.

Web TV Making a Comeback Among Brands, Advertisers (Advertising Age)

BET Maintains Web Series Roster with Financial Advice Show (Black Web 2.0): In other news, CoverGirl, continuing its targeting of black women (see: BET’s Buppies), nabs Queen Latifah for a web series.

MySpace To Do Dance Web Series (Wired PR News): Is this The LXD effect?

Canada Investing More in Web Series (Tubefilter)

AOL/Eisner Partner for Scripted Web Series (New York Times): This news was all over the web, signaling a major investment by to important media players (well, not the most important, but you know what I mean).

Research and Policy:

Digital Divide as Great as Ever (Online Media Daily): If you believe the gap is closing, it’s great news for web video creators and marketers, since there’s more upside. It does, however, underscore how the market is more limited than previously imagined.

Hollywood and Tech:

What Shows Republicans and Democrats Like (The Hollywood Reporter): Note to all content creators: format is not agnostic. This list suggests Republicans enjoy variety shows and sitcoms, while Democrats rate serialized dramas and diverse comedies higher. Definitely a must-read.

NBC Still the Upscale Network (Media Daily News): Everybody’s a winner at something, though CBS leads the average.

Is HTML5 the Future of TV Apps? (NewTeeVee)

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