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Web Video Weekly: You’ll Watch Ads, Netflix’s New Plan, FCC Nearing Net Neutrality, Also ‘Facebook TV’?

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All the important news and opinion about the web, online video, TV and convergence in the last week (11/18- 11/25):

Web Video Market:

Netflix Goes Streaming-Only (Wall Street Journal; New York Times): Plan is attempt to compete with Hulu Plus. DVD plans move up a smidge in price. The Times surveys the possible impact.

Study Shows Users Willing to Watch More Ads (New York Times; NewTeeVee): NewTeeVee has a lot more information. Meanwhile, YouTube is giving users more choice in ads. Click-through rates have leveled off.

VidBlog’s Steve Smith’s Two-Part Takedown about Mobile TV (VidBlog 1, 2)

YouTube Getting Serious about Content? (NewTeeVee; New York Post): Like Netflix, it’s going to Hollywood more and more to get premium film and video. Next up: Miramax.

Should Facebook Move to TV? (Reel SEO): “Facebook TV” could beat out Google and Apple TV. Meanwhile, Apple TV debuts AirPlay — a co-viewing capability, between devices — as Google TV sucks up all the buzz. But it’s not doing too hot: Viacom is joining the networks in blocking Google TV.

Dying Chatroulette Sparked Offshoots and Copycats (New York Times)

NewTeeVee’s Cord Cutters Takes a Look at Boxee (NewTeeVee)

Dish Network Launches TV Everywhere (Multichannel News): It sounds pretty ambitious.

Web Series:

Crackle Goes to Roku (Home Media)

District 9 Director Prepping a Web Series? (Filmstalker): Filmstalker ponders whether that Neil Blomkamp short film that surfaced this past week is a pilot for a web series.

The web series scene in India (Web Series Network): A brief, informal look.

TV Addict Previews the Web Series World (TV Addict)

Clicker Profiles Web Comedy Network Channel 101 (Clicker): Not enough has been written about this site.

KoldCast Adds New Series (via)

Hollywood and Tech:

Fox Uses Hulu to Fill Advertising Gap (AdAge): Web video becomes a nice backup.

Can Web Extras Boost Ratings? (GigaOM): Liz Shannon Miller takes a look.

More Low-Cost Cable? (Media Daily News): Charter might follow Time Warner Cable’s lead.

Why is HTML5 Important? (ReadWriteWeb; Variety): A good introduction to HTML5, why and how it’s competing with Flash and who’s pushing it. Variety talks the battle between major tech companies and HTML5.

Research and Policy:

FCC Delays Net Neutrality Ruling (Wired; paidContent): Just one week. The committee is trying to get something done before the new Congress gets in. Whatever it is, it won’t be the final world. See also FCC action on spectrum reclamation. PaidContent takes a look at the politics of it.

Pew Finds Correlation Between Wealth and Internet Use (Online Media Daily): No brainer, but good to know; see previous study on persisting digital divide.

Nearly Half of Top 50 Websites Have Web Video Presence (Reel SEO)

Web Video Stakes in Comcast-NBC Deal (New York Times): Brian Stelter looks at why web video is an integral part of the government’s approval process for the merger, talked about last week.

Nearly 1 in 3 Have Downloaded an App (Pew Research)

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