Tuesday 16th January 2018,

Web Video Weekly: YouTube and Next New Networks, Comcast’s Google TV Killer, Netflix’s Live Streams and Other Maybes

All the important news and opinion about the web, online video, TV and convergence in the last week (12/9- 12/16):

Web Video Market:

Netflix Ups Its Game While Inciting Challengers: Yes, same headline as last week, different stories: Netflix may introduce live TV feeds; takes some heat from Bewkes; gets some tacit support from NTV, who castigates Hollywood’s streaming reluctance.

3D and Connecting TVs Not Big Sellers (Multichannel News): But Google does add Netflix and Android capabilities.

YouTube Facebooks Its Homepage (Mashable; Tubefilter): There’s a news feed.

Procter & Gamble Leaves Soaps for Social (Los Angeles Times; ReadWriteWeb): Success of web video campaigns likely a motivator.

BigThink is Profitable (BigThink): Even as an academic, kind of surprised.

Justin.tv Aims for Upgrades (NewTeeVee; VentureBeat): Not really live-streaming much, site makes sure archive videos maintain quality.

Women and Web Video (MediaPost; AdAge): Meredith launches site for women, while AdAge reports its hard to reach girls through social media.

Web Series:

YouTube Rumored to Buy Next New Networks (New York Times; Hollywood Reporter): After we learned how Next New’s programming had topped YouTube’s most viewed list, rumors surfaced in the Times that YouTube might buy the independent production house. NewTeeVee gets thoughts from various players in the industry, and Alex Pham gives some extra insights in the Los Angeles Times.

Will CollegeHumor Be the Future of TV? (New York): Great must-read profile of CH CEO Van Veen, which, along with the NNN story, points to long-awaited maturation in short-form web video.

Asylum Aims to be this year’s Compulsions (Tubefilter): NewTeeVee also wonders if it’ll fall into the one-season trap.

GOLD Debuts Miniseries (Tubefilter)

Tubefilter Looks at International Distribution for Web Video (Tubefilter)

BlackBoxTV Goes Live (NewTeeVee): The indie studio/network keeps upping its game.

Research and Policy:

This Week in Comcast: Critics of both Comcast-NBC merger and anti-net neutrality practices rally: Writer’s Guild East and West, Jay Rockefeller, Free Press, MoveOn, basically everyone; Comcast starts work on a Google TV challenger, Xcalibur, which may wall off the web; Comcast also plans to introduce premium mobile streaming; Pundits reiterate that online video is at the heart of the Comcast-NBC deal. Usage-based pricing is a no-go for Comcast, but that may not be the end. Meanwhile, the FCC’s going ahead with its net neutrality proposal.

Retrans Deals Changing (Mediapost; Mediaweek): Mediapost reports cable providers are resisting high fees Oprah wants for OWN. Mediaweek reports Fox and Time Warner Cable reached a deal to allow TWC to carry network programming (Glee!) even if affiliate negotiations break down.

Nielsen Goes to China (Nielsen): A lot of interesting reports from a country reinventing the rules of media.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband Not a Threat? (GigaOM): Developments in Europe challenge conventional wisdom.

Hollywood and Tech:

Warner Bros. Changes Tune on Piracy (paidContent): Now trying to turn them into customers. Meanwhile, Viacom is still suing YouTube, but it’s taking an interesting position on it — YouTube has changed, but VIA still wants the win.

Possible Bidding War for Miramax Digital Rights (NewTeeVee): The likes of Netflix and YouTube want license to stream the Oscar-bait studio’s titles.

Social Media is Changing TV (Mashable): A Bravo exec explains how.

Time-Shifting Up (MediaPost): But AdAge says it’s becoming manageable/negligible.

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