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2010: The Year Gay TV Grew Up

Aymar Jean Christian December 20, 2010 uncategorized Comments Off on 2010: The Year Gay TV Grew Up

This week I wrote an extensive recap of gay television in 2010 for AfterElton — it focuses on still-running scripted TV, with some other stuff thrown in. (Parts about reality television and canceled series were spun off).

Yes, it was the year of talkative gay teens and the cat-fighting stars of The A-List: New York. It might not seem like it, but 2010 was the year gay TV grew up. Well, at least part way.

Last year, AfterElton.com asked whether gay TV had matured, and this year that question seems to have been answered. More gay characters than ever graced our screens, and with the rising number of networks making reality shows, sitcoms, and dramas, there was something for everybody from daytime to primetime. In fact, it was so good that the gayest shows on broadcast dominated ratings, and cable series upped their game.

Sure, too many of the new shows with gay characters didn’t survive very long – Mercy, Trauma, and The Whole Truth. But most new shows don’t make it, and at least these characters were something different.

And, of course, there were scandals, like Newsweek’s gay actor controversy, and, as usual, not too many transgender or people of color got roles, either. Nothing we’re not used to there, unfortunately.

What made 2010 such an important year? Let’s take a look.

Full post at AfterElton.

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