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Ultimate Convergence Culture List of Lists for 2010 and 2011

It’s the end of the year and there’s a lot of lists to sort through. Why do it yourself? Here’s a compilation of lists and top 10s for 2010 along with predictions for 2011 in the industries of web video, TV, social media and film.

I will update this list as new lists come out.


YouTube and Viral Video:

The year ruled by Auto Tune the News, Ryan Higa and that kid who sang Lady Gaga.

YouTube’s Most-Watched (Mashable; CNN)

YouTube’s Most-Watched Ads: (NewTeeVee)

YouTube By Category (YouTube)

Viral Video Retrospective (Videogum)

Top 20 Viral Videos (Billboard)

Top 10 Internet Memes of 2010 (Know Your Meme)



The year we watch Isaiah Mustafa a lot.

Top Viral Ads (Advertising Age)

Most Watched Ads of 2010 (Mashable)

2010: Year Social Video Advertising Soars (Online Media Daily)

2010 Social Advertising in Review (Visible Measures)

2011 Predictions for Video Advertising (Reel SEO)


Web Video and Web Series:

The market for internet television, web video and web series.

2010 Trends and Big Stories (VideoNuze)

2011 Trends for Video (Video Insider 1; 2)

2011 Predictions for Web Video (Tubefilter 1, 2)

Best of Clicker 2010 (Web Series and TV) (Clicker; NewTeeVee)

Best Serialized Video (NewTeeVee)

Best Standalone Video (NewTeeVee)

Top Trend of 2010: Internet TV (ReadWriteWeb)

NewTeeVee Predictions for 2011 (No More Viral Video; Cord Cutting)

ReelSEO 2010 in Review and 2011 Predictions (ReelSEO)



The year we did stuff on our phones.

Top Mobile Products (ReadWriteWeb)

2011 Trends for Online/Mobile Video (VideoNuze)

Year in Review (GigaOM)



The year of Twitter and Tumblr.

Top Trends of 2010 (ReadWriteWeb: Tumblr 1, 2; Facebook)

Ten Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011 (ReadWriteWeb)

Top Trends on Twitter (GigaOM)



The year net neutrality was big.

Pay-Per-Broadband in 2011? (GigaOM)

Net Neutrality Timelines (Internet News; GigaOM)



All you need to know the top 10 TV of 2010 is Metacritic’s fantastic amalgamation of critics’ lists and Nielsen top rated broadcasts (all sports and reality).

Best Rated (Critics) of 2010 (Metacritic)

Top 10 Rated (Nielsen) of 2010 (Nielsen)

Top Scripted Cable (USA Today)

Top 10 Timeshifted Series of 2010 (TVbytheNumbers)



The ones critics liked and the ones people watched. New York‘s article about Hollywood and “original” stories is brilliant.

Best Rated (Critics) of 2010 (Metacritic)

Top Grossing of 2010 (BoxOfficeMojo)

Top 10 Pirated (Guardian)

2010: Year in Review (TV, film) (IMDB)

Lessons from Hollywood 2010 (New York; io9)


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