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Gay in Color: 2011 Wish List

Aymar Jean Christian January 14, 2011 uncategorized Comments Off on Gay in Color: 2011 Wish List

It’s a new year, and going forward I’ll be writing a bi-weekly column for MTV/Logo’s AfterElton about issues affecting gay men of color in pop culture for AfterElton. I’m trying to focus on as many colors as possible, so please message me with tips and suggestions: there’s a lot to cover out there!

Since 2011 is still all shiny and new, I thought it’d be nice to start with a “wish list” for the year. It’s easy to be negative when talking about people of color, but I try to be as positive as possible. And there’s nothing more positive than wishing!

Let’s jump in. What should gay men of color hope for in 2011?

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