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Celebrating MLK Day on AfterElton

Aymar Jean Christian January 17, 2011 uncategorized Comments Off on Celebrating MLK Day on AfterElton

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Most Americans will probably spend this day sitting at home, perhaps taking in a movie. School kids will get a perfunctory lesson about civil rights. College kids will recover from partying last night.

Here at AfterElton.com we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on King’s legacy by spotlighting some interesting political, cultural and artistic efforts from gay men of color, primarily black men.

But first, a quick note.

The Dr. King you know today is not the Dr. King that was, for better or worse. One of the strangest aspects of King’s legacy is he is now claimed by virtually everyone. Conservatives and leftists, white men and black women, and, yes, GLBT folk of all stripes, have all said they are the true descendents of King’s political philosophy.

Clearly, some groups can make a better claim than others.

Still, rather than decide the best way to honor King. I decided to merely pick a few things that, in my personal opinion, are worthy of recognition. The point isn’t to be comprehensive (that’s impossible). The point is to spotlight what might otherwise go unrecognized.

As always: I can’t do it alone! Please use the comments to make your own suggestions on books, plays, movies, political groups, charities, etc. you think best honor Dr. King and the political movement he helped spearhead.

Full article at AfterElton.

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