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The Jock on ‘Are We There Yet?’: Progress, Sort Of

Aymar Jean Christian February 10, 2011 uncategorized Comments Off on The Jock on ‘Are We There Yet?’: Progress, Sort Of

It’s always nice when gay progress is wrapped in a 6’2 muscle-bound package, as many viewers recently experienced when handsome actor Maxx Brawer graced the set of TBS’ sitcom Are We There Yet? in an episode that has the black gay blogosphere buzzing and that left me hopeful – but also wanting more.

In “The Boy Has Style,” the black sitcom gave viewers one of the few out, proud and inoffensive gay characters in the genre. Brawer played Cedric, a tall, stylish teen football player and the crush object of Lindsey (Teala Dunn), the teenage daughter in Are We There Yet?, the Ice Cube series that TBS renewed for a whopping 90 episodes last year.

When Lindsey’s parents, Nick (Terry Crews) and Suzanne (Essence Atkins), met Cedric, they had two different reactions. Nick liked him though he also sensed he might be too grown up for his sweet daughter. But Suzanne noticed something else: he’s stylish, complemented her daughter’s dress, and carried a man purse. He’s gay!

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