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Web Video Weekly: Netflix’s Gamble, Pay TV’s Comeback, YouTube’s Partner Love, Felicia Day’s Keynote

Aymar Jean Christian March 18, 2011 uncategorized Comments Off on Web Video Weekly: Netflix’s Gamble, Pay TV’s Comeback, YouTube’s Partner Love, Felicia Day’s Keynote

Important news and views in web video, TV, convergence and digital culture during the last week (3/11-3/18)! Double bullets () indicate a must-read!:

Web Video Market:

Netflix Dives Head First Into Original Programming (Televisual): Netflix may purchase buzzy Fincher-Spacey House of Cards project. Also, Hulu’s doing it too, but obviously on a smaller scale. (Linking to my blog isn’t vanity: links to all the important stories are in it.)

Pay TV Comeback? (Wall Street Journal; NewTeeVee; Hollywood Reporter; Mediapost): Some small signs of hope for cable operators in fourth quarter subscriber numbers (Showtime and Starz added subs!). NTV states the numbers debunk fears of cord cutting. Mediapost looks at increased profitability. While the trends are “inconclusive..between sub adds and sub penetration rates, the fourth-quarter gains do reinforce the importance of multichannel video,” according to SNL Kagan.

Nielsen Will Roll Out Web Ratings in June (MediaPost): This time, after some difficulties, Nielsen will also count webcasts with different ads as the ones on TV.

Facebook Streaming Live Sports (AllThingsD)

Can Vevo Go Global? (NewTeeVee): As Netflix and Hulu have had trouble, Vevo wants to expand.

YouTube Shows Partners Lots of Love (MashableReelSEO): ReelSEO’s Jeremy Scott looks at YouTube NextUp — staffed by NNN alums — and wonders whether YouTube is doing enough for the little guys — though there are a lot of partners and many making $100K+.

Web Series:

Yahoo Web Series Success Story (Tubefilter) 2 Million viewers an episode for its daily finance series with Henry Blodget and Aaron Task.

Felicia Day Delivers Well-Received SXSW Keynote (Tubefilter): At the top of her game, Day discusses her success, with some news (from Joshua Cohen): “The announcement of her involvement in the Dragon Age web series drew over 200 million online impressions just two weeks before the launch of the Dragon Age 2 video game, which most likely was a huge factor as to why the title’s been atop the best-seller charts for the past two weeks. The fact she sold over 4,000 DVDs of Season One of The Guild, enough to finance Season 2 even if MSN and Sprint hadn’t come on board. And how she and production partner Kim Evey are planning to assist and launch more web series this year by way of their Knights of Good production company.”

My Damn Channel Expands Sales Team (Release): Revenue officer to bring in brands.

Girl Walks Into a Bar Ups Indie Ante for YouTube (NewTeeVee; Hollywood Reporter): The film is a feature, but organized episodically in vignettes (there are commercials). Reviews aren’t bad.

Research and Policy:

FCC Moves Forward on Spectrum Auction (Multichannel News): Chairman urges the feds incentivize commercial operators to auction spectrum for mobile broadband. In other news, some Dems are joining efforts to block FCC net neutrality rules (sound and fury?).

Tablet Users Watching More Video (Home Media)

Hollywood and Tech:

Viral Video Trickery for Limitless (New York Times): A nice little case study in the institutionalization of viral video. Meanwhile, explicit viral video with Jennifer Aniston scores big for SmartWater.

TV’s Most Valuable Shows (Forbes, via NewsforTVMajors): A nice stat for Robert Seidman:

HBO on Samsung (NewTVRepublic, via NTV): More HBO, everywhere.

AT&T Plans Caps On Broadband Usage (NewTeeVeeReelSEO): As has Ohio University, both really because of Netflix. Verizon doesn’t plan to yet.

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