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Web Video Weekly: AT&T’s Merger, Netflix’s Loss, Mobile/Broadband Problems

Aymar Jean Christian March 25, 2011 uncategorized Comments Off on Web Video Weekly: AT&T’s Merger, Netflix’s Loss, Mobile/Broadband Problems

Important news and views in web video, TV, convergence and digital culture during the last week (3/18-3/25)! Double bullets () indicate a must-read!:

Web Video Market:

Netflix Loses Sweet Pay-Cable Deals (Broadcasting & Cable; Los Angeles Times): Starz is increasing its licensing window. Showtime will only give away old shows; current shows will stay on. Starz is going the way of HBO and making full episodes available online for subscribers. Will Richmond wonders if Showtime, still behind HBO, is losing potential subscribers by making current shows inaccessible — except to subscribers, who must already pay $60+ before they can touch it; he also wonders if HBO is falling behind.

Analysts Predict YouTube Revenue Surge (NewTeeVee; ReelSEO)

Web Series:

Lifehacker Heads to Revision3 (NewTeeVee; Tubefilter)

My Damn Channel, BBC, Partner in Gigi (Wall Street Journal; Tubefilter): Tubefilter‘s Marc Hustvedt talks to Josh Gad. Also, Clicker hearts Animation Block.

How Mortal Kombat Became a Web Series (NewTeeVee): Tancharoen, YouTube, fans and Warner Bros. come together in perfect synergy. Series will debut next month. Meanwhile, over at WSJ, Sam Schechner details how web shows have gotten ambitious.

Solving the Web Video Discovery Problem (Fast Company)

Research and Policy:

Most Internet Connections Below FCC Standards (WebProNews): “The report found 60 percent of Internet connections were slower than 4 megabits per second (Mbps) a download speed identified by the FCC as the minimum bandwidth generally required for high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video.”

Hollywood and Tech:

AT&T Proposes T-Mobile Merger (New York Times; GigaOM): Merger already has fierce critics and faces regulatory scrutiny in Washington. AT&T think there is a public value in increasing mobile performance; Om Malik says its “bad for wireless innovation” as it does nothing to advance wireless standards, while pushing prices higher for plans with data caps. Stacey Higginbotham looks at the regulatory complications and why, if the deal happens, it might work with out with FCC and DoJ. Here’s how to contact the Feds and share your opinion. Meanwhile, AdAge looks at agencies stuck in the cross-hairs; once they’re integrated, the new company is likely to spend less on ads, which is bad for publishers/media cos.

Adobe/Apple Make Flash Love? (CNN): New Program converts Flash to HTML5.

Mobile Video Eats A Lot of Bandwidth (NewTeeVee): Meanwhile, Genachowski calls again to free up the spectrum.

New Firefox First Official WebM Browser (NewTeeVee)

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