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Web Video Weekly: Google’s Hail Mary, Ray William Johnson’s Conquest, Comcast’s Shuttering, Web Video’s Primetime

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Important news and views in web video, TV, convergence and digital culture during the last week (6/24-7/1). Double bullets (••) indicate a must-read!:

Web Video Market:

More Speculation on Hulu Sale (Wall Street Journal): Will they or won’t they? asks WSJ. Peter Kafka also weighs in on the pros and cons; Google is interested.

Hulu, Netflix Go UK (Businessweek): I’m so happy Misfits is on Hulu. Meanwhile, WSJ reports on Hulu/Netflix’s search of offbeat, alternative TV.

YouTube Has a New Most Subscribed (Tubefilter): Ray William Johnson unseats Nigahiga. Smosh, Machinima and Shane Dawson round out the top five. Tubefilter also whimsically notes how Johnson’s Wikipedia page has been subject to deletion requests several times: new media celebrity, folks!

Web Series:

ITVFest Announces Official Selections (ITVFest): I’ll be there next month.

Comcast Closes NBC Digital Studio (AdAge): The network is focusing on series tied to existing properties, rather than branded original content. This has been the trend for most networks, anyway (e.g. Teen Wolf this week). A lot of writing came out this week on the state of original content made for the web. The Los Angeles Times published a general article, which leads with The Confession and goes on to talk about a host of shows and networks — particularly Koldcast. ReelSEO wrote about the web soap trend and then wondered: “what has been produced by any major media company SPECIFICALLY for internet distribution that has even gotten half the traction of the 2 and 3 minute mash-mashes that hold the number one spots on YouTube?” Speaking of quality made-for-web video, here’s an interview with the CEO of Generate.

Funny Or Die Wants Longer Form Content (Wall Street JournalTubefilter): First Netflix, then Crackle, then…

Web Dramas on the Rise (Fast Company): Fast Company looks at the growing number of web dramas, something I discussed with Downsized‘s Daryn Strauss a few weeks ago.

Research and Policy:

FCC Formally Completes Net Neutrality Rule (Multichannel News; GigaOM): After a brief clarification, the proposed rules are going to the OMB. Lawsuits are expected in the next couple of months. In other news, the FCC has basically punted on the issue of the competitiveness of the mobile marketplace.

How Teens Use YouTube/Web Video (ReelSEO)

Live Tweeting Makes TV Social (eMarketer)

Web Video Is Now Primetime (NewTeeVee): The shift is mostly due to Netflix and Hulu, but short-form content is participating as well, though it’s a declining proportion of the content audiences view.

Hollywood and Tech:

Google Debuts Google+, Facebook Competitor (New York Times): Demand is high to join and spots are so far limited. Tech watchers wonder if Google’s hail mary pass into the increasingly social web (saving the “searchable web”) is going to click with users or whether the service only helps the algorithmic Google (with more, better data).

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