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Introducing: Hacktivision

Aymar Jean Christian January 16, 2012 uncategorized Comments Off on Introducing: Hacktivision
Introducing: Hacktivision

I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to announce a new blog about the future of video and television! Within the last month, YouTube’s re-launch has changed the video landscape, Hulu and Netflix announced more original content, and the web series community has been experimenting with award shows.

Hacktivision is the brainchild of Josh Braun, a Quinnipiac University professor — and recent doctoral graduate at Cornell — who’s been researching new media and television. The site is being supported by Quinnipiac. Braun is the managing editor, and I’m an editor.

There’s been big revival in television criticism and scholarship over the past ten years in response to the medium’s rapid transformation by cable and digital distribution. A number of sites like Antenna, Flow and In Media Res publish essays in this area.

Meanwhile writers focused on digital media have been turning to TV scholarship as video consumption rises and web-grown companies grow in scale and financial clout. I can’t think of a better way for journalists, academics and practitioners to talk about the incredible changes underway in our media system, and TV studies seems uniquely positioned to examine contemporary visual culture holistically. (See Noel Kirkpatrick’s review of Jonathan Gray and Amanda Lotz’s new book on television studies for an example of what I mean).

We hope the the site will be a hub for writing not only on video and TV, but also its relationship to social media, transmedia storytelling, user-generated content, policy, tech and film. No medium is an island these days!

Visit the site, follow it on Twitter and like it on Facebook (heck, even circle it on Google+).

Finally, please take a look at our stellar list of contributors, who I’m sure will produce provocative and fun posts and essays over the coming months!

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