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Aymar Jean Christian February 14, 2012 News and Updates 1 Comment on Chicago-bound!

I’m very pleased to say I’ve accepted a position as a tenure-track assistant professor of communication in the Media, Technology and Society program at Northwestern University. My official appointment begins fall 2013; this fall I will be a visiting assistant professor at the school (with the mission of finishing the book).

Northwestern’s School of Communication is an exciting place to be. It’s hiring young, ambitious scholars across departments, some of whom are good friends of mine. The institution is rich with opportunity, including robust programs in film and performance studies. It’s home to a host of influential and innovative scholars and will be a terrific place to grow as a academic (and writer, producer, etc.).

Thank you to all my friends and colleagues who supported me this year, and a deep, sincere thank you to my committee members — John Jackson, Katherine Sender and Joseph Turow — who have been stellar intellectual and professional advisors. In a still-challenging job market, where most others have not been nearly as fortunate, I appreciate it all so much.

I never thought I’d be moving back to the chilly midwest — I did undergrad at UM — but I’m looking forward to exploring Chicago and connecting with what I hear is a fantastic community of artists and thinkers!

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Aymar Jean Christian is assistant professor of communication at Northwestern University. He writes about media and society for a number of publications. For more information, click the "About" tab at the top of the page.

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