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Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘The Variants’

Aymar Jean Christian May 4, 2012 Spotlight Comments Off on Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘The Variants’
Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘The Variants’

I was going to write about this awhile ago, but my schedule is all out of sorts! Still, it’s never too late to spotlight an indie web series trying to get produced.

This edition of “Crowdfunding of Campaigns to Watch” features The Variants, a cult web series about the behind-the-scenes zaniness of an actual Texas comic book shop, Zeus Comics. That’s right: it’s a scripted, gay-focused Comic Book Men released long before AMC got wind of the idea.

“Our goal is to make six of the funniest episodes of The Variants you’ve seen yet. But we’d like to make more!” executive producer (and Zeus owner) Richard Neal said in his pitch video.

The Variants is looking for $8,000 for a third season and it’s almost there! With 24 days to go, however, they’re not stopping there. If they raise $10,000 they’ll make eight episodes; at $12,000, they’ll make ten!

Since 2009 The Variants has been dishing out light humor about the scrappy, nerdy team running an independent store. It’s the kind of comedy you want to root for, with enjoyable characters you want to spend time with. The series has had a number of strong supporters, including Tubefilter and The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, who offered the team a supportive blurb for their campaign.

Below I’ve pasted the first and latest episodes of The Variants. To support the show, visit its Kickstarter page. For more about the show, visit its website.

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