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‘Gay’s Anatomy’ Returns, Obscenity Intact

‘Gay’s Anatomy’ Returns, Obscenity Intact

If you’re a fan of Children’s Hospital, but are looking for more gays in your medical procedural satire, look no further than Gay’s Anatomy, a sitcom about urology residents currently releasing its second season.

“It’s residency year two, hookers, and I’m a lean, mean urology machine!” Jim confesses in the opening of Gay’s Anatomy‘s second season. “Seriously I’m on new birth control pills and I’m down two pants sizes.”

Gay’s Anatomy, created by Karina Mangu-Ward and B. Hodgson, is not for everybody. Like Children’s Hospital, it is almost certain to offend more than a few viewers. But in an environment where gay and lesbian shows are dwindling, and the most popular gay characters are mostly bland and inoffensive (Modern Family, Glee), Gay’s Anatomy is a welcome change. It’s outgrown the simple pun of its title and become a consistent satire of just about everything, with lovably unlikable protagonists.

For more about the show, check out out my first season interview with the creators. For all episodes, visit its website. The season two premiere is below.

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