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A New Televisual

Aymar Jean Christian May 17, 2012 News and Updates Comments Off on A New Televisual
A New Televisual

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ve noticed it looks different! I’ve redesigned the site to better organize all the information on here.

First is the homepage. The featured slider will show the most recent posts. I’ve arranged articles by subject, so you’ll see section for posts on “Web Series,” which will highlight individual shows; “Online Video,” for posts about the broader market for web content; “Culture,” for essays about representation and American culture; “News and Updates” will highlight professional announcements; and “Television and Film” will feature just that.

Each individual post now has more social media options, including Reddit, which I’m excited about.

The other big changes are to the pages above. The “About,” “Web Series” and “Essays” tabs are now better organized and comprehensive. My “About” section now includes all the information from my personal website: an extended bio, academic scholarship, press I’ve written/received, information about my projects, and news. The old pages from my personal site will now redirect to these.

The “Web Series” page, in which I list posts on various issues, has been split up into six separate subpages on separate topics: the market, an introductory primer, and pages about web programs and race, gender, sexuality and a list of shows set in New York’s boroughs — just for fun!

The “Essays” page is also cleaner. The lists are now categorized neatly in subpages: academic, film, TV and web video.

The web series lists — black, gay/lesbian and Latin@ — will continue to be updated regularly. I’m considering adding new lists and redesigning the current ones.

As always, Televisual is a work in progress, so please email suggestions and bear with me!

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