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Beginner’s Guide to Making and Marketing Web Video

Beginner’s Guide to Making and Marketing Web Video

I’m speaking at the 2012 Blogging While Brown Conference tomorrow, and I was asked to prepare handouts instead of a Powerpoint presentation.

My panel, with Scandalous Beauty‘s Erin J. Bailey, is titled “More than Words: the Power of Images & Video.” It’s sponsored by BlogHer. Here’s the description:

Is video is the next wave of web monetization? How can bloggers successfully monetize their images? Join Aymar Jean Christian of Televisual and Hacktivision and Erin J. Bailey of Scandalous Beauty as they discuss revenue-generating strategies for Black online content creators, including: sponsorship, product placement/branded entertainment, ad networks, crowdfunding and subscription. Particular attention will be paid to utilizing Black blogs, social networks and channels for increasing content scale.

The audiences at BWB apparently range from beginners to advanced, so I decided to prepare a pamphlet with some advice for the newbies. For most people already making videos, this will be rudimentary (though a quick scan might turn up some interesting advice). If you’re considering producing and distributing your own video series, however, this may help! Because I’m speaking at BWB, most of the examples are targeted toward black bloggers/creators, but most of the pamphlet has pretty broad utility.

Click here to download the PDF pamphlet, A Beginner’s Guide to Making and Monetizing Online Video For Your Blog.

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  1. Ananda Leeke June 4, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Great presentation (as always)! I am glad the Blogging While Brown community had a chance to see you in person. Congratulations on graduating and landing at Northwestern! Many blessings, Ananda