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Your New Favorite New York Gay and Lesbian Web Series: ‘The Outs’ and ‘The Slope’

Your New Favorite New York Gay and Lesbian Web Series: ‘The Outs’ and ‘The Slope’

As Jack in a Box wraps its final season, you’ll find plenty of shows online to sate your thirst for intelligent gay and lesbian New York comedy this summer. The queer Woody Allens are here (of course, they have predecessors).

Episodes of The Outs have been making the rounds across the gay web, and it’s easy to see why. The show, created by Adam Goldman, is a beautifully shot, crisply written and ably acted sitcom about gay men and their friends dating and living in New York. The first episode introduces our first hero, who’s dealing with a horny and lost ex-boyfriend. Watch and enjoy.

The Outs is matched by another Brooklyn-y show, lesbian sitcom The Slope. Created by partners Desiree Akhavan & Ingrid Jungermann, The Slope is set in, yes, Park Slope, and follows a slightly unlikable couple who go through various misadventures, while occasionally offending people. The series, now in its second season, features high profile guest stars like Michael Showalter.

Borough-centric series have been proliferating on the web, and it’s great to see the gay and lesbian market get in on the action. As television comedy starts to get arty — with FX’s Louie and HBO’s Girls leading the low-budget way — gays have been left out, since networks like Logo are shifting toward marketing toward straight women. It’s disheartening cable networks have lacked the vision to give these inexpensive but smart shows a Lena Dunham-style development deal.

Meanwhile, indie producers press on, consistently raising the bar for web entertainment. Quality is slowly getting higher, and the competition is starting to get stiff!

(Of course, I’d still like to see more diversity in this genre, at this level of inventiveness; so please let me know if and when you come across the next Misdaventures of an Awkward Black (Or Whatever) Lesbian (Or Trans/Queer Person)!)

Check out episodes of the two shows below.



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