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Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘Mythomania’ and ‘Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee’

Aymar Jean Christian June 6, 2012 Spotlight Comments Off on Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘Mythomania’ and ‘Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee’
Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch: ‘Mythomania’ and ‘Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee’

In this edition of “Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch” we have one web series and one documentary, each trying to bolster representations of underserved groups.

First up is Mythomania. I’ve already proclaimed myself a big fan of this artful comedy about a comic book writer trying to make it in Los Angeles. The series is the first film project from Eisner- and Harvey-award-winning comic novelist Derek Kirk Kim. It follows Andy Go as he and his friends talk and work through the comic world, geekdom and relationships. Not only a more realistic portrayal of comic book writers, Mythomania is also a rare show showcasing Asian-American actors.

Mythomania is a show about cartoonists by a cartoonist,” Kim wrote on the campaign website. “If you switch out ‘cartoonist’ with ‘minority’ in the above paragraph, that would also apply equally,” he added, parenthetically.

The show has 11 days to raise the bulk of its $10,000 goal. Visit its Kickstarter page to donate. To watch the show, visit its YouTube channel.

Next up we have Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee, a documentary about the life and love of the late, great Ossie Davis and similarly great Ruby Dee, from the perspective of their grandson.

“The hope is to, through documenting their story, discover the secrets of divine love; romantic, professional, spiritual, communal, and self love. By telling the story of their marvelous lives and juxtaposing past with present, I’ll learn for myself and everyone who looks on what is essential to life and to love,” states the campaign website.

The film will feature interviews with a number of celebrities; Alan Alda is the latest to sign on.

The project is $15,000 into its $50,000 campaign. To support the project, visit its Kickstarter page. For more information, visit its website.

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