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‘Linked Out’ Amplifies Your Tech Fails

Aymar Jean Christian July 30, 2012 Spotlight Comments Off on ‘Linked Out’ Amplifies Your Tech Fails
‘Linked Out’ Amplifies Your Tech Fails

What if Siri failed you in an emergency? That would be sad.

What if, though, she turned on you?

We all laugh at technology. Digital apps and gadgets can be fun, even profound — or a pointless diversion. Over on My Damn Channel, a team of producers called Junior Varsity have been poking fun at the many ways technology drives us crazy, from Siri and Twitter to — naturally — Facebook.

The pilot for their show, Linked Out, shows us a “Facebook Intervention,” but not in the way you might expect. Writer Michael Evangelis, director Steve Porcaro and producer Brandon Dunaway showed “Facebook Intervention” to My Damn Channel and Linked Out was born:

Junior Varsity never specialized in social media satire. The team has been making sketchy comedy online for years, even their own web series, among them the humbly titled Best Comedy Sketch Show.

“A lot of it has been doing what we’re passionate about,” Evangelis told me in an interview. “It’s not always what we expect, but it’s fun, because it’s unexpected.”

Unexpected is the team’s bread and butter, and it’s helped get them work. They first contacted My Damn Channel not, like most pitching producers, via email, but by sending a “Jesus for Justice” lunchbox to content director Jesse Cowell (whose own MDC show, Status Kill, is releasing its second season). The character originated on Best Comedy Sketch Show. The gambit paid off and Junior Varsity was on the channel’s radar.

“We just keep on trying weird stuff, and hope somebody’s weird enough to enjoy it,” Evangelis said.

Working on the web has been great for their craft, Evangelis said, and doing a show about digital tech has been creatively inspiring. “It makes sense to do it in that space. It’s just a lot more organic to find it online.”

“There are no rules,” he added. “And there never will be.”

Below are two more episodes of Linked Out. For all episodes, visit My Damn Channel.

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