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Announcing Adam Goldman, ‘Televisual’ Contributor

Aymar Jean Christian November 29, 2012 News and Updates Comments Off on Announcing Adam Goldman, ‘Televisual’ Contributor
Announcing Adam Goldman, ‘Televisual’ Contributor

I have maintained Televisual alone for four years and nearly 500 posts. It’s worked out fine, but as web television has grown and matured, I’ve been frustrated by my inability to keep up with the landscape. I’ve been looking for help, and happily the first person I turned to said “yes”!

Adam Goldman, creator of the hit web series, The Outs, has joined Televisual as a contributing editor. Goldman will write criticism on television and web series.

Goldman has been working in production in New York for several years, having graduated from Bard with a degree in theatre. He has been a blogger, director and producer.

But he came to my attention — and the attention of thousands of others — when he premiered The Outs this year. I’ve been covering web series for a number of years, and The Outs is a singular achievement of rich and subtle storytelling. Of course, I’m not the only who loves it. Goldman has been racking up accolades for his show — most recently, the Out 100 — and he will certainly get more.

A big part of this site has been showcasing the next generation of showrunners, most of them more diverse than Hollywood’s star writers. The likes of Issa Rae, Al Thompson, Eilot Glazer and Brent Sullivan, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have shown up on these pages. I’m thrilled to have Goldman’s voice, unfiltered, join this site.

The Outs premiered its season finale this week. All episodes can be found on its website.

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