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What You Missed: 2012’s Indie Web Television

Aymar Jean Christian January 10, 2013 Spotlight Comments Off on What You Missed: 2012’s Indie Web Television
What You Missed: 2012’s Indie Web Television

Television is so awash in great shows no one can watch them all. And yet most TV fans can name the best new show of last year — technically, it’d have to be Girls — and best show overall — take your pick of Mad Men, TremeBreaking Bad, etc.

Online, nobody knows what’s good. There’s too much. It’s easy to miss something great.

Web series award shows help a bit. The Streamys honor established franchises and big budget fare, while the IAWTV Awards single out some of the same, with a slight indie edge.

The real issue is: at their best, web shows are specific and niche. What works for me might not work for you. It’s why I rarely recommend shows to friends or on my blog. My preferences lean toward the scrappy, strange and multicultural, and that’s certainly not for everyone.

But I’m always being asked what to watch. With that in mind, here is what you might have missed last year.

For the full list, click over to indieWIRE!


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