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Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch: Kam Kardashian and ‘Whole Day Down’

Aymar Jean Christian January 16, 2013 Spotlight Comments Off on Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch: Kam Kardashian and ‘Whole Day Down’
Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch: Kam Kardashian and ‘Whole Day Down’

In this edition of “Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch” we have one campaign to film the artpocalypse and another exploring the life of a long, lost Kardashian.

Whole Day Down is a classy, strange comedy from Patrick Breen (The Normal HeartGalaxy Quest) and Tai Fauci, starring Breen, Willie Garson (White Collar) and Elisa Donovan (NBC’s In Gayle We TrustClueless) and featuring original music from Robb Padgett (Vampire Zombie Werewolf).

In Whole Day Down Breen and Garson’s characters finagle one day at an LA gallery to showcase the art they want. Season one screened at a number of festivals and was well-received by critics. For more about that season, please read my 2011 interview with the creative team. They’re a funny bunch.

Now they’re asking for just under $40,000 for a seven-episode second season. If that sounds like a lot, it is because they want the next installment to be bigger than the last: “While Season 1 hinted at our apocalyptic theme with supernatural elements, Season 2 will bring on a full-blown apocalypse,” the campaign site states.

I’m excited to taste what these producers have cooking in the kitchen. To donate to their campaign, visit Kickstarter. For more about the show, visit their website.

Keeping Up With Kam has already raised the $5,000 needed to make its second season. I wasn’t able to cover the campaign when it was in progress, but I wanted to highlight it because it’s a show to watch out for.

Keeping Up With Kam is sitcom focused on the exploits and hustles of Kam Kardashian, the forgotten lesbian sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. The first season showed a lot of potential, but only lasted four episodes. For the second season creator Fawzia Mirza (who also plays Kam) and Ryan Logan promise to up their game, including doubling the episode order to eight.

“In order to make a second season and take the show to the next level and make the most of the gorgeous footage shot by our director of photography Amanda Clifford, we’re going to need money,” they wrote on their campaign site. They raised it.

The second season should premiere next month. To keep up with the show, subscribe to its YouTube channel.

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