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‘Girls’ Recap: Too Many Boners

‘Girls’ Recap: Too Many Boners

Let me just get this out of my system.

I guess I have to get over the fact that even the homos on Girls are deplorable. They’re all deplorable, these characters, and that is maybe The Point.™ Right? But because there are only a scant handful of out homosexual men on TV, I get to be grumpy that Elijah is a dishonest, hairbrush-wielding, salmon-colored-hoodie-wearing bore who the writers essentially call a girl through the (actually fairly cute) placement of the Girls title card in last night’s episode, I Get Ideas.

Oh, also? Gay men spend a lot of time around erections (with just a smidge of luck, anyway). We therefore have dedicated at least a little time to wrapping our heads around (sorry) the splendid bouquet of modern slang dedicated to the erection. The fact that everyone on this show keeps throwing the word ‘boner’ around – even Elijah! – rankles me. I mean really, can I not get a ‘hard-on’ up in this piece?

That said, fifteen points for engaging the whole ‘How can you date a Republican?’ discussion in an only slightly more aggressive way than I myself would dive into that ill-fated conversation. OK actually upon rewatching it it’s a lot too aggressive but I’m distracted by his cardigan so, like, sorry queer media theory.

Also? No Republican dresses that well.

Marnie something something job something something. Then she shows up later dressed like a superhero named Hooker Girl. Jessa and Hannah don’t notice/care that Thomas John keeps calling Hannah Dana (or Diana?) — or this is a reference to something from last season that I don’t remember. Jessa spouts off some “OMGGGGG all politicians are the same” in a fairly accurate impression of most of the Sarah Lawrence alums I know and yammers about how totes rad married life is — I confess I am stoked as all get-out to watch that marriage eat and digest itself alive.

I give full points for the (fingers crossed!) breakup scene between Hannah and Donald Glover, whose name I can never remember (Sydney? Sandy?) (Cynthia?). Watching those two not-terribly-articulate people stumble through a complicated conversation was a pleasure.

The last third of the episode is dedicated to Adam being an irredeemable creep, which is nothing new. He’s been an irredeemable creep since the pilot, and I reject the notion that some amount of physical torment or emotional humiliation will undo his general rottenness. Again, as in season one, a moment of genuine, bracing emotional expression (Hannah’s admonition that Adam should “Go away! Go away! Go away! I’m serious!” He’s like a dog!) is sadly defused immediately when we’re distracted by Adam’s arrest.

This dude is still creepy! I like watching him on TV so let’s get him on another TV show OK? No more! Begone, Adam!

I enjoyed I Get Ideas, but it seemed to me to lack a unifying theme. Maybe it was about, generally, getting to know your new romantic partner, for better or worse? I’m just not sure. I think TV is at its best when the stories we’re watching share some unifying theme — Sex and the City, for all its silliness, usually telegraphed the central idea of each episode, but at least it was there. It’s my hope that Girls will focus its gaze perhaps a little more tightly, so that it can transcend its current status as A Show On Which a Series of Events Occurs.

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  1. Ed Walker January 23, 2013 at 11:57 am

    V cool episode, Adam is mad but hot.

    But what about The Outs? Could we have some episodic reviews of The Outs?

  2. Ed Walker January 23, 2013 at 11:59 am

    You say no Republican dresses that well, but I’ve had some pretty hot Ron Paul republicans here in London. Bostonian/NYer expats, a bit trendy, flirting with libertarianism, that kind of thing.

  3. Aymar Jean Christian January 23, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Snazzy Republicans exist, but I’ve never met one like Glover’s character!