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List of Asian American Web Series Is Up!

Aymar Jean Christian January 23, 2013 Culture Comments Off on List of Asian American Web Series Is Up!
List of Asian American Web Series Is Up!

I love having resources for web series fans and creators on Televisual, and now there’s a new one!

In addition to our continually updated lists of black, Latin@, and GLBTQ web series, Televisual has just published a list of Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander web series.

I have to thank Lori Kido Lopez, assistant professor of Media and Cultural Studies in the Communication Arts department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for her help developing this list. I’ve been meaning to make one for awhile but haven’t the time or knowledge, both of which Dr. Lopez generously offered.

Some might think it crass to simply list shows based on ethnic/identity affiliation. But I see the traffic on these pages, and I know that tens of thousands of people have found shows they like by Googling “black web series” or “lesbian web series.” Unlike with traditional TV, web series have little money for marketing. Media companies so infrequently throw cash at minority producers I’m no longer surprised by the number of series, or the scores of fans that take to Google to find them.

Asian Americans have had a hard time getting shows on TV. Years ago the Internet convulsed over the prospect of a “Korean Jersey Shore.” Even that sensational and presumably marketable series couldn’t get an on-air and recently premiered on Electus’ LOUD YouTube Channel. The mainstream media shut-out has fueled web production, from Angry Asian Man to ambitious web series like Awesome Asian Bad Guys to entire channels like YOMYOMF, along with a host of YouTube stars, who I will soon add to the list.

That said, there is folly in trying to group together a diverse group of series. Not every show by/starring an Asian American person might want to be listed (if not, please contact me!). And of course “Asian American” is a useless term on a number of levels — to start, at least one series listed is Canadian. But fans want recommendations, and the least Televisual can do is offer a little help in their search.

As always please email me if you have any additions or corrections to the list.

For the list, CLICK HERE.

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