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Can My Damn Channel Grow Into YouTube’s Biggest Comedy Network?

Aymar Jean Christian January 31, 2013 Video Comments Off on Can My Damn Channel Grow Into YouTube’s Biggest Comedy Network?
Can My Damn Channel Grow Into YouTube’s Biggest Comedy Network?

Online video is comedy, and as the market grows, comedians and indie TV creators are getting more buyers for their shows and videos.

Today comedy network My Damn Channel announced a big effort to buy up “hundreds” of comedy shows over the next year. The company’s effort may make it, if not the first, potentially the biggest comedy network on YouTube, even as such “networks” have faced slew of criticism over the past few months. Still the announcement is sure to excite creators of independent web series.

“We’ve always worked with top talent and breaking talent. We always will,” CEO Rob Barnett said in an interview.

My Damn Channel is organizing this new effort under the My Damn Channel Comedy Network, and it has brought on Eric Mortensen as director of programming and acquisitions to manage it. Web series creators will recognize Mortensen from his time at Blip, a site respected for revenue-sharing and cultivating a slew of beloved independent series, including dramas like Anyone But Me (WGA award-winner) and Downsized (WGA-nominated).

The Network says it’s looking for “smart, adult comedy in many shapes and sizes,” Barnett said, including “LIVE, scripted, improv, animated, interactive, inventive, and especially anything where celebrity judges belittle people who sing and dance.”

The company has a set up a simple website with more information on how to submit your work to the Network:

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