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Can You Learn Web Series Production Online for Under $100?

Aymar Jean Christian February 6, 2013 Video Comments Off on Can You Learn Web Series Production Online for Under $100?
Can You Learn Web Series Production Online for Under $100?

I’ve been writing about web series for almost four years now, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Mostly I’ve seen a lot of bad ones.

That’s because making a good web series is just as hard, if not harder, than making an independent film. Why harder? In addition to getting the basics of production right and crafting an engaging story (which even TV networks have a hard time doing), indie TV creators also have to forge individual distribution and marketing strategies, design websites, merchandise and build audiences. In short, they have to take on responsibilities that in traditional film and television are more often handled by established firms. Contemporary web TV is only a few years old. Everything is new.

Where can you learn to make a web series?

Online, Vimeo has a video school focused on the specifics of production and YouTube has a playbook, developed by experienced creators, on how to market your videos on that site.

Already there are plenty of classes available through formal institutions and groups, but they are all located in New York and Los Angeles. Perhaps one of the best known is Frank Chindamo’s class at the University of Southern California, which has helped launch a few successful projects. David Title, who has developed programs for MySpace and Comedy Central, has a class at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Jorge Rivera, who has written for a number of prominent indie web series (East WillyBLenox Ave) teaches web and TV writing at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios through Long Island University. Thom Woodley, one the space’s veteran producers (The BurgThe All-For-NotsGreg & Donny) teaches it at the School of Visual Arts in New York. There are workshops and meetups like BigScreen LittleScreen (Los Angeles and New York), Tubefilter‘s meetups (Los Angeles) and the Web TV Workshop (Los Angeles).

But what if you’re not in Los Angeles or New York? Or you can’t afford one of the options above? Or want web-series specific help?

That’s the niche scrappy newcomer CreatorUp hopes to dominate.

Click over to Indiewire for the full review!

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