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Web Video’s Major Studios and Networks — As Ranked By Streamys

Aymar Jean Christian February 22, 2013 Video Comments Off on Web Video’s Major Studios and Networks — As Ranked By Streamys
Web Video’s Major Studios and Networks — As Ranked By Streamys

It’s easier to understand TV. Most people know who’s responsible for their favorite shows: did you all watch Scandal last night on ABC?!

Online, it’s a bit trickier. Sure, most everything is on YouTube. But just because it’s on YouTube doesn’t mean it’s Google’s show. Usually it’s not. Web video has layers and layers networks and studios involved, making it difficult for users to pinpoint who’s doing what.

Take Philip DeFranco, king of the YouTube talk show. DeFranco’s Philip DeFranco Show is signed with Revision3, a network owned by Discovery. SourceFed, however, DeFranco’s other talk show, is a YouTube premium channel, which means it reserves distribution and marketing support directly from Google.

Last week’s 3rd Annual Streamy Awards honored the best in professional web video, and we all know who won. Stars like Grace Helbig and Ken Marino took home  a bunch of trophies.

But who are the winners behind the stars?

YAHOO: 7 Wins

Yahoo led the night with seven wins across categories. The network has Ken Marino and Ben Stiller to thank for that: Burning Love‘s first season, a sharp spoof of The Bachelor, took home four trophies, including best ensemble cast and best comedy. That season will be airing on E! this Monday at 10PM and the second season has already debuted on Yahoo. Yahoo also took home accolades for Tom Hanks’ ambitious animated sci-fi drama Electric City and CSI-mastermind Anthony Zuiker’s Cybergeddon.


Coming in at a close second is YouTube itself. A number of channels folded under its original content initiative took home Streamys. Bryan Singer’s H+ took home best action/sci-fi series and best direction. Neo-Twilight Zone channel Black Box TV won for best drama in writing; Jon Chu’s dance show Masterclass won for how-to series; YOMYOMF’s Dr0ne won for special effects; and DeFranco’s SourceFed took home the audience choice award for series of the year.


Maker Studios, a studio created by YouTubers for YouTubers, rounds out the top three with five wins. They have Epic Rap Battles of History to thank for that. The parody series took home four trophies — the duo also performed at the show alongside Vanilla Ice. KassemG won for hosting California On. As one of the largest and most successful (in terms of raising cash from investors like Time Warner) Maker has to be happy to get some good press after its epic drama with leading YouTuber Ray William Johnson.


Along with Maker, Machinima is among the biggest networks operating on YouTube as the home to some of the priciest productions on site. Like Maker, it was profiled in LA Weekly recently for its less-than-generous relationship with its roster of creators. But Machinima believes its future is in big ambitious projects like the popular and expertly produced Halo 4Forward Unto Dawn, which won four Streamys.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern day retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and one of last year’s biggest successes, started as an independent project from Hank Green and Bernie Su. DECA, a network for women, has since taken part ownership of the show, contributing financial and infrastructure support.


Along with Philip DeFranco‘s win for best news series, Revision3 creators Benny and Rafi Fine took home a trophy for their hilarious Kids React series.


Xander Berkeley took home an acting award for his star role in the critically acclaimed Vuguru-produced series The Booth at the EndWilson Cleveland’s studio, UNBOXD (formerly CJP Digital), known for packaging quality branded entertainment series like Temp Life, took home the award for best drama series for its acclaimed series Leap Year.


YouTube’s leading violinist Lindsey Stirling, who won for best choreography, is repped by Fullscreen.


The always-funny Hannah Hart nabbed the Streamy for best female performance in a comedy for her show My Drunk Kitchen.

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