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Ten Reasons To Love Making A Webseries Called “Anyone But Me”

Susan Miller April 15, 2013 Indie TV Innovation Series Comments Off on Ten Reasons To Love Making A Webseries Called “Anyone But Me”
Ten Reasons To Love Making A Webseries Called “Anyone But Me”

Anyone But Me is a drama series, which concluded its three-season run in 2012. It has won numerous awards, including from the Streamys (lead actress), Writers Guild (original new media), IAWTV (directing), Indie Soap Awards (writing, guest appearance, marketing/fundraising), Clicker (best web drama), Tellys (people’s choice). It has been lauded by numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Curve and Fast Company. This essay is part of Televisual‘s “Indie TV Innovation” series.

1. Not having to wait for anyone else to say YES to make it happen. Because Tina Cesa Ward and I own this baby! We make it happen.

2. The ability to reach people all over the world. The passionate responses to our show move and astonish me every day. 20 million views. An outpouring of love. Letters from fans that tell us what we’re doing has real meaning in their lives.

3. Being a pioneer in a new medium. There is nothing like staking a claim and breaking ground on a piece of rough, uncharted land to build your dream home.

4. The incredible generosity of people who helped us along the way. You have no idea. Just thinking of each person who gave us encouragement or did us favors fills me with gratitude. Arts for All gave us a place to edit and free space to shoot. The actors Liza Weil, Zachary Quinto, Paul Adelstein, Eric Stoltz, Hamish Linklater, and Kate Clinton doing I Want My ABM promos. Jan Collella and Ray Culin who let us take over their house in Westchester. Our dear web maven Marite Jones who worked for free the entire first season. Blip.TV, Strike.TV, Hulu, YouTube. The lesbian press. Our fans who raised $33,000 to make Season 3. And so many more. All of whom I promise to write about someday.


Susan Miller

5. Working my ass off. I love waking up and going to bed having put in a day on something I want to give my best to and want the best for. And, believe me, there is no day that quite compares to what it takes to write, exec produce, and otherwise build, nurture, and constantly grow a webseries.

6. The opportunity to write about young adults. To tell stories and create characters that take us into that awkward, beautiful, confusing time of life when relationships and identities are fragile and volatile. Truly the stuff of drama.

7. The privilege of filling a void. Of meeting a desperate need by exploring the lives of gay youth whose stories haven’t been depicted in traditional media.

8. Being part of the web community. Every panel. Every interview. Every meet up. Every award show. Every Web Series Chat. Every Indie Intertube call in. Every WGA Digital Caucus. Every colleague and creator I have gotten to know or had a coffee with. Each stimulating conversation or panel or interview ending always with the same inevitable conundrum: But, how do we monetize? I love you guys.

9. The cast. Who keep me young.

10. Making a mark that lasts forever. (Because that’s how we roll on the web!)

–Susan Miller

Susan Miller is the executive producer and writer of the webseries, Anyone But Me. For her work on the show Miller, and creative partner Tina Cesa Ward, won the first Writers Guild of America Award given for Original New Media.  Miller & Ward also received Best Writing Drama in the inaugural IAWTV awards, as well as being official Webby nominees in Writing & Drama.  Miller is a two-time Obie winner and Guggenheim Fellow in playwriting and was a consulting producer on Showtime’s The L Word and ABC’s Thirtysomething . She is also the creator and writer of Bestsellers, a branded webseries about women in a book club.

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