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How To (Not) Make It In Hollywood

Aymar Jean Christian October 24, 2013 Spotlight Comments Off on How To (Not) Make It In Hollywood
How To (Not) Make It In Hollywood

People don’t care about media workers. They care about stars: star actors, star producers and star directors. If you’re an actor or director and not a star, it’s easy to feel invisible. Because you are.

That’s probably why, out of all the web series I get pitched, the most common I see are shows about out-of-work actors and creatives trying to “make it” in Hollywood.

It’s no wonder. Trying to make it is what web series creators spend their time doing. Sadly, not many people want to watch that. After all, everyone is trying to make it in America, in professions supposedly less glamorous and fun than media production.

But some recent web shows have been exceptions to the rule. Uncensored and independent, they sharply satirize the horrors and challenges of working in media. They are preceded by great shows about Hollywood stardom from last year – including The Unititled Webseries Morgan Evans Is Doing and Jenifer Lewis and Shangela – and others satirizing the worlds of theater (Jack in a Box), art (Whole Day Down and Four Eyed Monsters), fashion (Model Files), comics (Mythomania and The Variants), and music (Melody Set Me Free.)

There are a lot of web series about working in Hollywood. Most of them are bad. These are not.

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