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2013’s Best Comedy Web Series

Aymar Jean Christian December 22, 2013 Spotlight Comments Off on 2013’s Best Comedy Web Series
2013’s Best Comedy Web Series

What were the best web series in 2013? The major guilds have already weighed in. The Writers Guild is honoring “Husbands” and “Sylvia Plath: Girl Detective.” The  Producers Guild recognized some of the most popular series this year in “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries,” “Burning Love,” “Video Game High School” and “Epic Rap Battles of History.” The International Academy of Web Television added “Sugarboy,” “Emma Approved,” “Thurston,” “Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome” and “Destroy the Alpha Gammas” to their nominees. Soap network WIGS continues to rake it in across all these awards, with nominations for their series “Blue,” “Susanna” and “Lauren.”

I’m drawn to the scrappy, strange and multicultural, so I was happy to see nominees for the Satellite Awards, started almost 20 years ago by former Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes) president Mirjana Van Blaricom. The International Press Academy picked a number of indie standouts (Disclaimer: I’m a member.), including “Ask A Slave,” “High Maintenance,” “Little Horribles” and “EastSiders.”

With that, here’s my account of the best of this year, the first of two lists that starts with comedies. These are shows from artists who deserve more resources to create bigger programs. Indie TV shows are the new pilots. Check them out if you missed them.

The Year’s Best Comedy Web Series: High Maintenance: Life Is Hard, This Joint Helps

If you haven’t seen “High Maintenance,” stop reading, head over to their site and kiss the rest of your day goodbye.  Here’s an episode to start you off:

“High Maintenance” is one of the few indie TV shows I hunger for. The show follows a weed dealer, played by actor and co-creator Ben Sinclair, as he sells product to stressed-out New Yorkers. It’s a blissfully simple concept and allows the producers to cast and write for a specific and unique set of actors for each episode. Each episode has a different style and comedic approach. They’re all great — three of its 11 episodes are Vimeo Staff Picks.

CLICK OVER to Indiewire for the rest of my review and 18 other web series you should watch now.

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