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How Web Series Transition to TV

Aymar Jean Christian March 6, 2014 Video Comments Off on How Web Series Transition to TV
How Web Series Transition to TV

Five years ago, making a web series to get on traditional television was a fool’s game. The few web series producers to secure development deals with networks — from “We Need Girlfriends,” “Quarterlife,” “Private High School” and “The College Humor Show” — either never made it to air or didn’t last long when they did.

But today many more web series have been optioned for TV and made it onto television. Some have even been successful, making it to a second season — like Comedy Central series “Broad City,” which was renewed last night. More series could be coming soon. In the past year hardworking producers like Issa Rae, Ray William Johnson, Benny and Rafi Fine, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenefeld and have all signed development deals.

Now that web production is an established route on the long, hard path to a television series, it’s worth asking: how do web productions get developed?

There are many paths to network television, and they all involve some combination of knowing the right people, achieving popularity online or finding a match with a network in need of buzz.

For all the ways web series jump to TV, click over to Indiewire!

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