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My Book — Open TV: Innovation Beyond Hollywood — Now Under Contract!

Aymar Jean Christian January 9, 2017 News and Updates Comments Off on My Book — Open TV: Innovation Beyond Hollywood — Now Under Contract!
My Book — Open TV: Innovation Beyond Hollywood — Now Under Contract!

My first book, Open TV: Innovation Beyond Hollywood, will be coming out on New York University Press, expected fall 2017.

This book argues the web brought innovation to TV development by opening distribution to independent producers, particularly those marginalized in the industry and America.

I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Among its interventions in and contributions to the fields of television, media and communication studies are:

* A expanded theory of “innovation” to encompass value creation not just in efficiency and scale but also public benefit and efforts to reform industry practices

* Expanded theories of production, representation, and distribution in TV

* One of few comprehensive studies of independent production and distribution

* One of few comprehensive studies of development and innovation in television

* One of few studies on TV production and distribution by producers who identify as Black, GLBT, Latinx, and female

* The term “networked era” to describe the transformation of television in the age of the Internet, characterized by the proliferation and convergence of strategies for developing original series

* In-depth case studies of indie TV series that have secured legacy and high-value development deals, including: Broad CityThe Misadventures of Awkward Black (predecessor to Issa Rae’s Insecure), High MaintenanceThe Guild, and The Outs

* A critique of “big data television” linking the development strategies of premium networks like Netflix and Amazon, ad-supported networks like Hulu and AOL, and multichannel networks on YouTube

* An innovative case study of “participatory action research,” in which I co-produce and market a web series, She’s Out Of Order, as a way to get a grounded view of the challenges of the open TV market for indie and marginalized producers

* A history of web TV from 1995-2005

* Data on crowdfunding, the scale of web series markets for Black/GLBTQ/Latinx/Asian American indie TV

* An analysis of  “programmatic” and new financing strategies in TV

* The term “off the line” to describe production executed outside of Hollywood’s increasingly stratified above and below the line production structures

* An introduction to my next research project: Open TV (beta)!

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